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    My first is in FILLINGS, but not in BRACES. My second is in TENNIS, but not HORSE RACES. My third is in PLAIN SIGHT, not in DISTANT SKIES. My fourth is in CANDY STORES, but not in PIES. My fifth is in STORMS, but not in the SEA. My sixth is in RINGS, but not in JEWELRY. My seventh is in a TILT, and also in a SPIN. My eighth is in ICE, but not in GIN. Is my ninth in DARKNESS, under a pall? No. My ninth is not the ninth at all.

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    The planets in the Solar System. (Mercury (used to be used for fillings), Venus (Williams, the famous tennis player), Earth (in plain sight under our feet), Mars (Mars Bars candy), Jupiter (Roman god of thunder), Saturn (has rings), Uranus (the planet is unusually tilted), and Neptune (Neptune is an ice giant)...while Pluto is no longer a planet.)

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