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    "Welcome to my mansion." The door slams behind as you enter a large meeting hall. You turn back and pull at the handles, but your host replies, "These are one-way doors." He takes you by the hand and proceeds to show you down the chamber and into a larger room. Everything is covered in white and scarlet drapes. You hear eerie music playing from a pipe organ. Your host asks, "Do you like it?" Hoping to escape, you say, "I-- I think I just need a little fresh air." Your host agrees, and leads you out a backdoor. As soon as he let's you go, you run as fast and far away into the woods as you can. Branches and wind whip at your face. It feels like forever, but when you finally find a clearing, you realize you've returned to the mansion. "That did not take you long. Come, welcome back." You feel a force push you back inside, maybe ghosts or armored knights. You again find yourself in the large meeting hall, but it looks a little different. As your host walks you down the chamber and into another room, he notices your confusion and smiles, explaining, "These are not the same halls. Earlier you came in from the right wing of my mansion. This is the left wing." After you hear the last note played from the organ's leturgical piece, your host leads you out a front door. "You may truly leave this time; the tour has ended. But you'll be back," He laughs. "In fact, you have already been here on numerous occasions. You have just forgotten." What is this place!?

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    A heart

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