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    One day a man is captured and put unjustly to trial for committing depraved crimes, none of which he had actually done. The corrupt system allows this man to be executed, but in a show of a facade of mercy, the evil Queen of the land tells the denizens of the land that she will allow this man to live he can pass the Marble Trial. The rules of the trial are as follows: One: The prisoner is to blindly pick from the jar one of two types of marbles, of which there is only one of each. Two: The black one, if chosen, represents death and thus he will be executed. Three: The white one, if chosen, will let him go free. Normally in the Marble Trial, there are different quantities of marbles depending on the severity of the crimes, but for this event, the Queen announces that there will be only 2. one Black and one White. Or at least, the Queen merely announced that to the public. In a private chat leading up to the Marbel Trial, the Queen actually revealed to the man that she never actually intends for the man to survive, and that the Marbel Trial's Jar is rigged to contain 2 black marbles instead of the proper arrangement. The next day, the man finds himself in a huge arena filled with cheering crowds curious as to how he will fare in the trial- unaware that the trial is rigged in the first place. Without a way to speak to the audience as he will be killed on the spot if he doesn't immediately pick from the jar, how does the man survive?

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    He takes the first black marble out so that his fist covers the marble, then he swallows it whole to the audience's dismay and intrigue. Then he takes out the second black marble and shows it to the crowd, confirming that his first pick was the white one.

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