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    It may sound impossible, but it's not. You wake up trapped in a round room with six doors. A voice over a loudspeaker tells you that five of the doors are booby-trapped and will bring instant death if you try to open them. Only one door provides an opening that will get you out safely. The doors are evenly spaced around the room. They look exactly alike. Your only clue is that on the wall between each pair of doors is a large letter of the alphabet. Going clockwise, the letters are H, I, J, K, L and M. Which is the correct door that will get you out ... and why?

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    First, continue with the order of lettered walls, alphabetically and clockwise, writing the extra letters on the walls as well. Continue past Z with A. This gives you 4 Letters on 4 walls and 5 letters on 2 (the H and I walls). Then, draw a line between letters creating the words "Instant Death." like mentioned verbatim in the riddle. The only door surrounded on both sides by walls not touched by this line (I.e. Walls not containing any letters in "instant death") is the door between the letters J and K. This is the safe door.

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