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    I'm the end that brings the end, I'm the one that hides. Shackles gird me waist to toe, Sealed in tower I. Ever tasked to make amends, Slowly here I die. My stricken foe you'll never know, His death is met with sigh.

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    Pencil eraser. ("I'm the end that brings the end" = The end of the pencil which rubs out (ends) a mistake; "I'm the one that hides." = The rubber doesn't hide itself - it hides other things (errors); "Shackles gird me waist to toe" = That's the metal casing that holds the eraser in place by encasing the bottom half of it; "Sealed in tower I." = The pencil is shaped like a letter I and the rubber would be at the 'top' of it; "Ever tasked to make amends," = Or to make amendments, rather; "Slowly here I die." = The more you use the rubber on a pencil, the more it disappears; "My stricken foe you'll never know" = You don't see errors once they have been rubbed out; "His death is met with sigh." = The sigh is a breath that the user blows over the paper to get rid of the rubber shavings.)

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